In Indonesia there are so many interesting exotic attractions that make foreign tourists want to vacation in Indonesia.

The beauty of natural panorama, underwater panorama is one that makes them want to come to witness directly in Indonesia.

I will present some of the many interesting tourist destinations that you deserve to visit.

10. Toraja Land

Toraja Land is a district in the province of South Sulawesi.

The capital city of Tanah Toraja is Makale.

Toraja Land is one of the tourist destinations in South Sulawesi.

This tourist attraction is very interesting and has its own charm.

The exoticism of the region and culture of the land of Toraja makes it truly well known internationally from various countries.

The land of Toraja is famous for its people who have religious rules, as well as traditional rituals that are quite strict.

To spend in December to Tanah Toraja because this month there will be many shows, festivals, traditional ceremonies, and tour tours.

If you want to see the undead ritual that can come in July-August.

9. Lake Sentani

Lake Sentani is a lake located in Indonesian Papua.

Lake Sentani is under the mountain slopes of the Cyclops Nature Reserve which has an area of ​​245 thousand hectares.

This lake stretches between the city of Jayapura and Jayapura Regency.

Has a lot of uniqueness and is so famous in the Jayapura area.

Around the lake there are 22 islands surrounding it and no less beautiful than Raja Ampat in West Papua.

Lake Sentani is inhabited by 30 species of freshwater fish, including endemic species.

Saw Sharks, Rainbow Fish, Red Rainbow Fish are one type of species endemic to this lake.

In this lake area there is Teletubies hill as we watch in children’s television series.

Every June the Sentani Lake Festival is held which is filled with traditional dances one by one on the boat, a typical Papua war dance.

8. Seribu Archipelago

The Seribu Islands are famous for the Seribu Islands National Park.

The Seribu island national park is a marine nature conservation area in Indonesia located north of Jakarta.

Seribu Islands enter the administrative district in the special area of ​​the capital city of Jakarta Indonesia.

There are approximately 12 islands. Here can also be used as your tourist destination.

Tidung Island is one of the islands famous in the Seribu island region.

This place is an idol of tourists with blue sea charm In this group of islands is also offered for diving, diving to enjoy the beauty of underwater charm.

Some rare animals can also be found here such as hump hawks, hawksbill turtles

7. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a tourist attraction located in Kuta sub-district south of Denpasar City.

The Province of Bali is very famous in the international world for its tourist attractions.

Beaches – Bali’s beaches have been famous for a long time because they are in Bali as a trading hub for indigenous peoples and traders from Europe.

6. Baliem Valley

5. Bunaken

4. Raja Ampat

3. Derawan Insland

2. Komodo National Park

1. Wakatobi Archipelago

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